Tuesday, December 1, 2009

// MIRAGE  # 1 \\

When in a foreign country I always love to check out the local fashion mags for insight into their style of editorial, photography & styling. Our european counterparts can differ hugely as to their interpretation of what is fashionable & how they portray that in their photo shoots. I find this a huge source of inspiration & on my recent visit to Frankfurt, I got very excited when I came across the newest magazine to come out of Germany called: Mirage (Nr1).
Mirage's tag line for their 1st issue is "Fashion, Swimwear, and Jetset Hedonism". Per Wikipedia, Hedonism is described as a "Philosophy that pleasure is of the ultimate importance" & the word it self is from the Greek origin of the word delight.
Mirage has a Self Service-esque feel to it & without further adieu I have compiled a number of single images from most of the editorials, to give you a better visualization of what the new magazine is all about!


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  1. Love the images you have posted here, really nice. Alt is on of our style icons too!
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl's. x