Friday, December 4, 2009


I always find it sooo refreshing when I come across a man with a 'not so predictable' & 'don't care what anyone else thinks' approach to their style - especially in comparison to a majority of the norm styles that you find in some smaller cities, including my own city of Dublin unfortunately (but I like to think that we are getting a little bit better)!!!
It doesn't have to be completely outrageous, just that little something that puts a mark on &/or personalizes their outfit. Like having big OTT hair or a curly mustache to wearing colorful pieces or rolled up jeans showcasing multi-colored socks underneath. You catch my drift ;)
Here are a few that caught my eye whilst carrying out my daily fashion blog skim through.....
Please feel free to send on any male style pics that you feel are worthy of some further showcasing :)

The Man of my Dreams :)

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