Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Woooow...... Wait til you see the pics from January's Elle Italia's cover shoot
The shoot photographed by the infamous Alexei Hay & modeled by the beautiful Liya Kebede, is combined of 2 former trends that I have previously posted about - Big Hair & Tutu's. 
I was sold from this alone but alas that was not it - Rollerskates & Haute Couture dresses are also a main feature in this editorial & I have to say, the 4 dominant elements mixed together, make for a fantastic grunge/hobo chic-esque styled shoot!!!!
Sure why not have a look for yourself & see what you think (oooooh & do let me know what you think - I luv to hear other peop's thoughts) ;)


(Pics courtesy of TFS)

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