Thursday, April 28, 2011


Spotted: The Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Who: Darragh Shanahan, Marketing Manager of The Gallery of Photography

Style: The Quilted Jacket Dude!!!
What's not to love about the quilted jacket?
Comfort, durability, design are all characteristics that make this one desirable piece. 
The pairing of a polyester outer shell and nylon lining is the perfect armor to fight off chilly/wet conditions that festival season in unpredictable Ireland can all to frequently bring about, so this is one piece that will certainly be on the top of my fashion check list :D 

Darragh teamed his with turned up raw dark denim jeans & brown suede desert boots for the perfect cool, casual look.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Miu Miu have created a serious pair of statement footwear. Check out this bedazzling pair of crystal-embellished glitter-finish leather brogues that will certainly add instant cool to any everyday look. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz would be proud of these beauties ;)

If you are lucky enough to have a mere $585 lying around, you can purchase them from the lovely luxury fashion website!!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011


When living in London I had a very sweet, kind, talented, funny, creative, caring, & uber fashionable friend in the name of Zoe Glazebrook. 
Zoe, her writer/illustrator beau, two suitcases & two cats Iggy and Otis recently made the brave move to pack up all their worldly possessions & up sticks to the creative hub that is Berlin.
Suddenly finding themselves immersed in the cultural buzz of this new city - that they have chosen to call their new home for the unforeseeable future - in search of a new and prosperous Life experience & so their fantastic blog UBERLIN was born! Giving us folk (that aren't quite brave enough to make the same move) a taster of what city life is really like in this cool and creative hub!
After reading their very first post aptly titled 'Let's Go', I have been addicted ever since.... 
Canvassing everything from their interests in the worlds of food, music, art, design, technology, culture and style I can guarantee you that you too will soon be hooked. I have included some great imagery from their blog below. 
Happy browsing!!!



Monday, April 11, 2011

STYLE TIP: Team this gorgeously luxurious silk Kimono jacket from Miss Selfridge (£38) with a pair of vintage/distressed denim shorts, beige ankle boots & a white cotton cami for a great festival or smart/casual style.

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Ok so this is obviously a passing fad that resembles a raccoons tail dipped in some brightly coloured paint but never-the-less it is a staple piece of many of the very fashionable peop's wardrobes and was the accessory of choice during last months fashion weeks with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Pop editor-at-large Shala Monroque & fashion risk-taker Anna dello Russo all donning one (or two).
Even if us normal folk won't be wearing one anytime soon, you have to admit it is fun to look at from the safety of our own laptops ;)

Prada Spring/Summer 2011