Sunday, April 17, 2011


When living in London I had a very sweet, kind, talented, funny, creative, caring, & uber fashionable friend in the name of Zoe Glazebrook. 
Zoe, her writer/illustrator beau, two suitcases & two cats Iggy and Otis recently made the brave move to pack up all their worldly possessions & up sticks to the creative hub that is Berlin.
Suddenly finding themselves immersed in the cultural buzz of this new city - that they have chosen to call their new home for the unforeseeable future - in search of a new and prosperous Life experience & so their fantastic blog UBERLIN was born! Giving us folk (that aren't quite brave enough to make the same move) a taster of what city life is really like in this cool and creative hub!
After reading their very first post aptly titled 'Let's Go', I have been addicted ever since.... 
Canvassing everything from their interests in the worlds of food, music, art, design, technology, culture and style I can guarantee you that you too will soon be hooked. I have included some great imagery from their blog below. 
Happy browsing!!!



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  1. Oh I´m the girl with striped scarf! Hello there! :D It´s nice to meet you! :D

    P.S: Zoe Rocks!!! :D