Monday, July 18, 2011

Even though the fashion world is already wishing our summer away & already looking ahead to the Autumn/Winter collections, I am adamant in staying firmly in the here & now amongst the warmth of this summers biggest trend - PoP Colours. There are lots of delicious 'arm candy' treats for us out there at the moment with plenty of fun, bright pop & candy coloured bags/ satchels & clutches to choose from. They range from all sides of the Pantone spectrum & everywhere in between. From playful bubblegum pink & burnt sunset orange to the striking cobalt blue & mint coloured green. Whatever the colour bright and bold styles will 100% help infuse a little whimsy into your wardrobe this summer & as I mentioned in my 'I Hate Trends' post don’t be afraid to pair them with other spring colors, prints and patterns to create countless fun and flirty fashion possibilities this season.
Embrace the quirky trend & get you noticed for all the right reasons!!! ;)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

// Looks Of The Week \\

On RoCkInFashIoN's facebook page, I have started to do a 'Look of the Day' - not so original I know but as everyone does have different taste it will vary from one stylista to another right! So now every Sunday I will submit all my looks that I had posted on facebook for that week & vóila you have one simple post brimming with great style ideas.

Happy Sunday mon amies!

Róisin M. xoxo

- Wednesday, July 13th

Look of the Day:  Vintage Poppy Maxi Dress teamed with a cute sailor boy hat & the Eiffel Tower in the background as an idyllic prop! J'adore.... ;-)

 - Thursday, July 14th

Look of the Day:  I love this little pale denim combo teamed with a pair of converse (on the battered side preferably), plain white T, Wayfarers & a large leopard print clutch = 100% effortlessly f*ckin cool!!!

A perfect casual summer look, ci/no!?!

- Friday, July 15th

Look of the Day: I loved this contrast of the angelic pure white layered dress matched with dark accessories, bright red lipstick & slicked back hair... along with her attitude her rough/feminine style rocks!!!

- Saturday, July 16th

Look of the Day:  Well it's the polar opposite to yesterday's look of the day but equally as amazing. Take one exceptionally tall model, 1 black lace top, tiered frilled short short skirt teamed with 40 inch legs, large block shades, monochrome symmetric wedges, one large cream leather bag & slicked back hair with a bun high up on your crown & vóila you can look exactly like this! ;)

- Sunday, July 17th

Look of the Day:  Quilted khaki shorts that I want so badly, bright yellow Tee, leopard print scarf & two stylish friends by your side = Today's look of the day!!!

Happy Sunday everyone :D xoxo

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sometimes it's nice to throw all inhibitions (& trends) out the window & just mish-mash whatever items/ materials/ patterns &/or colours together all in one outfit... below are a few examples I have chosen that got me excited!!!
So today/tomorrow when you are getting ready for your day ahead, why not throw a little caution-to-the-wind, mix things up a bit & see what you end up with (obviously a little bit of styling might need to be taken into consideration)...
Think like a little girl who is just about embark on a raid of her mothers wardrobe & play dress up for the day... do you think colour or item co-ordination would Ever enter their little heads... the answer to that would be a most definite No!!! ;)

If you do decide to mix things up with your wardrobe today, feel free to take a style pic & post it on the RoCkInFaShIoN facebook page to show us how you rocked the look  xoxo

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 The Vintage Satchel.... arm candy at it's absolute best...
& what every woman/man needs to add a touch of style to their wardrobe!!!
This one below is especially delighful don't you think ;)