Sunday, July 17, 2011

// Looks Of The Week \\

On RoCkInFashIoN's facebook page, I have started to do a 'Look of the Day' - not so original I know but as everyone does have different taste it will vary from one stylista to another right! So now every Sunday I will submit all my looks that I had posted on facebook for that week & vóila you have one simple post brimming with great style ideas.

Happy Sunday mon amies!

Róisin M. xoxo

- Wednesday, July 13th

Look of the Day:  Vintage Poppy Maxi Dress teamed with a cute sailor boy hat & the Eiffel Tower in the background as an idyllic prop! J'adore.... ;-)

 - Thursday, July 14th

Look of the Day:  I love this little pale denim combo teamed with a pair of converse (on the battered side preferably), plain white T, Wayfarers & a large leopard print clutch = 100% effortlessly f*ckin cool!!!

A perfect casual summer look, ci/no!?!

- Friday, July 15th

Look of the Day: I loved this contrast of the angelic pure white layered dress matched with dark accessories, bright red lipstick & slicked back hair... along with her attitude her rough/feminine style rocks!!!

- Saturday, July 16th

Look of the Day:  Well it's the polar opposite to yesterday's look of the day but equally as amazing. Take one exceptionally tall model, 1 black lace top, tiered frilled short short skirt teamed with 40 inch legs, large block shades, monochrome symmetric wedges, one large cream leather bag & slicked back hair with a bun high up on your crown & vóila you can look exactly like this! ;)

- Sunday, July 17th

Look of the Day:  Quilted khaki shorts that I want so badly, bright yellow Tee, leopard print scarf & two stylish friends by your side = Today's look of the day!!!

Happy Sunday everyone :D xoxo