Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sometimes it's nice to throw all inhibitions (& trends) out the window & just mish-mash whatever items/ materials/ patterns &/or colours together all in one outfit... below are a few examples I have chosen that got me excited!!!
So today/tomorrow when you are getting ready for your day ahead, why not throw a little caution-to-the-wind, mix things up a bit & see what you end up with (obviously a little bit of styling might need to be taken into consideration)...
Think like a little girl who is just about embark on a raid of her mothers wardrobe & play dress up for the day... do you think colour or item co-ordination would Ever enter their little heads... the answer to that would be a most definite No!!! ;)

If you do decide to mix things up with your wardrobe today, feel free to take a style pic & post it on the RoCkInFaShIoN facebook page to show us how you rocked the look  xoxo

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