Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is a Diana F+ Lomography Camera

I am now a proud owner of a DIANA F+ - otherwise known as a lomography camera -Yeeeaay!!!
It is a super special all-plastic old school camera that takes the most amaaaazing photos, as you wil soon see. The Diana camera is a cult legend – famous for its dreamy, radiant, and lo-fi images so as soon as I take some and develop them ill put them straight up!!!
But in the mean time take a look at some really cool pics that I got from the lomography website.

Sooooo exCITEted to get started now...... 
 Although just to let you know I have exams coming up for the month of January :( so it might be not be until end of Jan/start of Feb until I have time to take & develop them, so please bare with me :) 
Until then if you have no idea what this is or what I am talking about or you just want to check out some more of the awesome pics like the one's I posted above, check out

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