Friday, December 11, 2009

// It's 'OFF' With Alexa Chung \\

It's official, New York Magazine's Fashion Blog - The Cut - has confirmed today that 'It's On With Alexa Chung' has been cancelled. This comes as a huge shock as from what I gathered from this side of the pond, things seemed to be going swimmingly for the pair. With Ms. Chung even seemingly winning over the yanks - which as we all know seems to be as easy as it would be for Jordan to get a front row seat at a Chanel fashion show - this just wasn't enough!!!
We might be seeing a 'For Sale' sign going up outside her new Williamsburg residence, NY & back hanging out with the Primrose Set sooner than expected.

I for one will miss checkin out Alexa (skinniest legs in the world) Chung's daily style on the MTV show. 
Which leads me nicely onto taking a look at a few of my fave outfits from her extensive MTV wardrobe....

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