Friday, February 11, 2011

Spotted: South William Street, Dublin 2
Who:  Band members Jamie & Mark, who work together at McCullough Pigott Music Shop & are two of a three part Indie band called The Ambience Affair

Style: I caught these two guy's in the midst of working hard moving furniture yesterday morning (random I know) & couldn't resist grabbing them for a quick pic of their preppy/urban gent style donning woolen cardigans, with pink t-shirt/ lime green shirt & skinny tie, worn denim & Camper runners.... Trés Trés Retro!

(All images taken by & credited to Róisín Moloney of RoCkInFaShIoN) 


  1. I love their style, really quirky!!!

  2. So hip, love the campers with odd laces, it's so like I dont care that my laces dont match despite the clear effort that was put into having non-matching laces. sO hIp.. LoVe XxX

  3. they look like a pair of scruffy vagrants