Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trend Report For Sheer Maxi Skirts

Pioneered by the likes of Mary Kate Olsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw, the sheer maxi skirt trend is going to see it through this summer. The transparency of the sheer skirt gives the perfect amount of skin (just enough for summer) without showing too much. Referencing a little bit of a boudoir imagery, this trend is something a little different, a little showy but still able to be pulled off by all.
As with all trends, the sheer maxi trend originated from the runways, namely Fendi in a more Parisian boudoir chic sort of way, Dolce & Gabbana exhibited mesh skirts and dresses and sheer white vintage-esque dresses and Chloé sent out models in black and nude sheer tulle skirts.
The sheer maxi skirt trend has been flogged by many a model & celebrity, and it has been around the streets for a little while now. This trend is great for layering if you’re not wanting to attract too much attention. With a variety of styles, the sheer maxi style can can show alot of skin, or a little dependant upon your own style and extremity of self expression.


  1. Thank you so much, really glad you like it!!! :)

    Róisín xoxo

  2. Love this post and LOVE this trend! Am thinking about making a simple one myself... Black, sheer and very long & flowy!
    PS - you got my nomination for Best Lifestyle blog :) xx