Monday, January 17, 2011

I have wanted this coat since FOREVER!!! Well a couple of months anyway....
It was one of those moments where you see something & automatically think, 'I Have to Have it'.
Well this is exactly what happened me ever since I spotted it in ELLE's Autumn/Winter 'Style For Less' magazine waaaaay back in October. Since that day I must have hounded the poor River Island shop assistants about 10 times thereafter in search of the coat, trying to find out if/ when/ ever it was going to be coming into store. After a very weary 11th attempt, one of the shop girls broke it to me gently that the coat must have only been issued to the UK stores... devastated is not the word to describe it, all my hopes dashed in that one split second (ok I'm slightly exaggerating but I was quite disappointed).

Then...... when I was having a little mooch around River Island on Grafton Street on Friday evening after work, low & behold I FOUND the piéce de resisténce right under my nose & it gets better... it was on Sale for €77 down from €107, Booooom!
So inevitably I snatched up this fabulous khaki military coat & lived happily ever after!!!
The End ;)

Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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