Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010/11 BIG Hair Trend

Balayage or also known as American Tailoring or Ombré Highlights was a Very Big Look for hair colour in 2010 & remains to be for 2011. This two-tone hair color gives your hair a luscious sun-kissed look all year round & looks great in both the summer months & for brightening up the dark winter months. 
Hollywood is soaking up the Balayage trend with starlets such as Rachel Bilson & Drew Barrymore to name a few, all throwing in their conventional hair colour for this two-toned effect. A great, non committal way to throw some light on brunette. This is definitely a technique that flatters darker hair.  Blonds such a Sienna Miller and Lauren Conrad have taken a dip in bleach, but the look really pops with a darker starting color.
It's not a new trend, having been around since '07/'08 but the balayage or grown-out highlights — was big news this year with heaps of celebs & models, including Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Lily Aldridge, Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad, Erin Wasson and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz having taken on Balayage with subtle to striking results. They were led by Queen Bee of this trend, Alexa Chung and joined by Aussies Rose Byrne, Jen Hawkins and Caitlin Stasey. Yay for the lazy-girl's guide to good hair. 
Balayage is popular, its fashionable, its on the cover of magazines, its low maintainance, cost effective, allows people with dark hair to seek variation in hair colour without making it feel unnatural or too” different. It can also be done quite extreme with alot more contrast for the more daring. Its for reds, blondes, brunettes, straight, wavey & curly hair. It also creates more texture in your hair making it look alot thicker.
Need I say more! ;)

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