Sunday, May 2, 2010


Denim should be the bedrock of any wardrobe

I was speaking on RTE's 2fm radio station yesterday with the lovely Jenny Heuston, about one of this summers hottest new trends - which I'm sure you have already noticed by now seeing as it is in every magazine, on every blog & in every retail window display this season - and that ever cyclical trend is of course 'Denim'.
Now I know you're probably thinking what's new about a denim trend.... seen as there is usually a couple of variations of the denim trend out every season but this spring has revealed a whole new spectrum of blues, chambrays, and denim reinventions - from denim dresses to denim on denim & patchwork denim to ripped jeans or shorts, there is certainly plenty of choice for every fashion savvy individual out there.

But apart from all that current trend talk, I had felt that I didn't elaborate enough on some of the questions that Jenny posed to me yesterday. 
Such questions being, "jeans tend to be a favourite item of clothing, what cuts are the most reliable? Should you go with something more classic particularly if  you’re paying more money? What are the cult brands at the moment? Which brands are the longest lasting?"
From working in the denim section of a designer department store when I was in college, I know people can find shopping for the right pair of jeans a life time mission that they may never achieve but hopefully this post will help, both men & women, make that all important purchase a little less challenging and a little more enjoyable.

For the Guy's

For the past few years or so the world of denim has been headed by the skinny jean style for men - as worn by many indie pop bands. Bands like The Strokes, Kings of Leon (of course) and, more recently, The Horrors ushered in the new style of crotch-crushing jeans.
Although these type of jeans (which I love on guy's) are prevalent in cities such as London, Sydney & New York, they just aren't having the same epidemic affect on the local boys of Ireland (unfortunately).

Luckily for those who don't have the legs to pull off this look, or just plainly don't like it, you will be glad to hear that things are a changing. During the SS 10 fashion weeks around the globe, bagginess & comfort is being brought back into style by many brands, one of them brands being - Diesel - favouring the looser style in their existing collections.
A great way to rock this look is either to have the jeans tucked into or over either boots or hi-tops.
Sometimes simple is best!

Current Popular Cult Brands & Cuts for Men

1. G-Star: Baggy Style

2. Jack & Jones: J&J Boy

3. Acne: Super Cool

4. Nudie: Nudie Jeans are made from worn looking denim material. It’s said to be similar to having an additional layer of skin as opposed to wearing a pair of jeans, sounds good!

5. Diesel: Late 20's professional - Industrial denim - sometimes 100% cotton,
i.e. no stretch at all, low, low waist, double thickness waist band etc.

6. Edwin: Selvedge, Raw - Selvedge meaning it's literally cut from one piece of cloth resulting in excessive waste then resulting in a higher price. It is pretty much a tailored jean as tailored as a result.... producing a beautifully cut jean.

7. Dior Homme: While not inexpensive, as prices range from the high two hundreds to almost one thousand dollars, Dior Homme jeans are reputed as some of the best on the market despite notoriety for a very slim-fit. Rumor has it Karl Lagerfeld once lost 90 pounds just to fit into a pair of Dior pants!

8. Ksubi: Love Everything About Them & The Label!!!!

**Current Popular Cult Brands & Cuts for Women to follow...**


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