Sunday, May 9, 2010


This seems like the first weekend in so so long where I have had NO plans & lots of free Time....
Time to do whatever I like, be that catching up with friends (which actually I always make time for so lets rephrase that to spending even more time with friends), catching up on reading from my ever growing pile of books in the corner of my bedroom as well as my Vogues, Elles etcera, or to devote solely just to messing around & doing nothing whatsoever.

With the rest of my life been so structured of late.... from studying to work to a gruelling new summer fitness regimes (a necessity now that we are slowly coming out of hibernation & beginning to bare our pasty white skin again). I just felt like doing a post with no structure to it WHATSOEVER, no rhyme nor reason...
From pics I love to images that have been lying around in my folder for forever or quotes that have inspired me in some shape or form!!!

So without further adieu..... & most importantly enjoy your browsing on this sunny Sunday morning :)

Róisín Moloney xoxo

Ok I could just keep going & going where posting images is concerned so I better just stop while I'm ahead...


  1. **SO COOOL**
    Just have a look and enjoy!!!

  2. Ahhhh this has really cheered me up, good work gorgeous xx