Thursday, May 20, 2010

I don't tend to like many of the 80's revival fashion trends that have come back around but I did get excited during a recent stroll through Urban Outfitters to discover that brand new jelly shoes are yours (or mine) for the buying. These are the classic design - straight out of the 80s, no updating to make it cool by today's terms.
It totally brought upon a serious case of fashion nostalgia from when I was a little girl on holidays in France, wearing my sparkly pink jellies with everything & anything I could get away with.
Been an 80's child I have nothing but fond memories of my Jelly shoes, or jellies as they were also called, made entirely of PVC plastic. They always came in the biggest array of colors and the material were frequently infused with glitter, what more could a little girl ask for :)

But apart from being so cute I find that they are far more practical to wear in Irish weather than pumps. 
I am officially over the pump trend. With our unpredictable Irish weather, they are the opposite of practical. 
You feel every god forsaken lump, bump & stone on the ground & if it rains even in the slightest bit they will soak right through in a matter of seconds & will stay that way for the remainder of the day!
I'm sure many of you fellow Irish Cailín will agree with me on this one....

Anywho with my rant about pumps out of the way, here are a few pics of the re-invented noughties version of jellies that I picked up recently in River Island. I love them.... they are uber comfortable, weather durable & the pretty embellishment gives them such a cute little twist.
My next purchase is definitely going to be the more luxurious Melissa & Vivienne Westwood collaboration 'Ultra Girl Bow Jelly Shoe' as well as a classic 'straight out of the 80s' pair of course.

Shoes: Own from River Island

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