Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Let kaleidoscopic colors electrify you!

(Photograpy by IREK  KIELCZYK)

(Fashion Blog)

(Alan Aldridge - the man with kaleidoscope eyes)

I saw Alan Aldridge's work for the first time at a showcase of 'The Man with the Kaleidoscope Eyes' in The Design Museum, London last year. I have been fascinated by his work ever since. He created some of the most iconic images from the psychedelic era, his posters & album designs helped define the visual for bands such as the beatles, the who and many more. 
Aldridge has also created the imagery for poster for Andy Warhol’s film ‘chelsea girls’, cue above pic. This exhibit was the first complete retrospective of Aldridge’s work in his native uk in which I was privileged to have seen.

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