Saturday, November 14, 2009

// 1ST ISSUES \\

Being able to see the evolution of Fashion, Layout Design, Illustrations and Advertising is always a huge source of inspiration for creatives. So I thought I would show you how some of my favourite fashion mags have evolved.
 From the very first to the latest issues!

**Harper's Bazaar 1st Issue - 1867**
Debuted as America's First Ever Fashion Magazine

**Harper's Bazaar US - December 2009**

Vogue 1st Issue - 1916
"The time has come" designers say. "to talk of many things - of shoes and furs and lingerie, and if one flares or clings, and where the waist-line ought to be, and whether hats have wings"

**Vogue - November 2009**

ELLE 1st Issue - November 1945
Founded in France, the title in French means "she"

**Elle UK - November 2009**

L'Officiel 1st Issue - 1921

**L'Officiel - November 2009**

Glamour 1st Issue - April 1939
Ann Sheridan graces the cover

**Glamour - November 2009**

Marie Claire's 1st Issue - 1937
First publication devoted entirely to women

**Russian Marie Claire - November 2009**

InStyle 1st Issue - 1994
Barbra Streisand appears on the cover of InStyle's first issue

**InStyle UK - November 2009**

Nylon 1st Issue - 1999
The name Nylon derives from the magazine's often featured articles on "self-willed sibling-cities New York and London

**Nylon - November 2009**

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