Thursday, October 1, 2009

// The Vampire Wears Wildfox Couture \\

Lets see...what year did Interview with the Vampire come out? 1994!!!! 

I was 11 & have been hooked on the vampire craze ever since!!! And with the sequel to the phenomenally huge hit of 2008/09 that was 'Twilight ' returning to our screens in November, 

 (it's called 'New Moon' for those of whom were living under a rock for the past year) along with an equally tasty vampire drama 'True Blood' hitting our TV screens very soon too it would be pretty genius for someone in the fashion world to design a collection with this vampire craze in mind........

So without further adieu Wildfox Couture  have just the thing to wet your vampire hungry appetites in the meantime with their delightful - & pretty genius idea - vampire-inspired collection & lookbook! 

You are able to obtain these cute vampire-inspired T's with the 'My bofriend is a vampire' been my personal fave...... Come on who hasn't fantasized Robert Patterson been their boyfriend?!?! ;)

Here are a few more pieces to covet over

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