Saturday, October 31, 2009

// Preppy Pleats & Breton Tees \\

(My style crush of the moment Olivia Palermo on ,,

 My own take on the pleat/breton style - Vintage yellow pleated skirt, white brogues frm Camden Market spray painted silver, teamed with French Connections breton style tee, leather satchel from Sunday Market Brick lane, London & of course my Clubmaster Raybans - for the perfect stylishly cute relaxed preppy look

Give me Breton style mixed with shoulder pads & I'm yours!!!
 I just bought Topshops take on the Breton style jumper with the shoulder pads for the modern effect.
I intend for it to keep me stylishly warm this winter & will be teaming it with my black skinny's (also from Topshop) & awesome cut off boots for the Balmain look that I adore so so much.

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