Sunday, September 6, 2009

// If Fashion is Your RELIGION-This Is Your BIBLE \\

The September Issue:  is  about  the  making  of  the  September  2007  issue  of  Vogue.  Anna  Wintour,  who  is  the  editor-in-chief  of  the  US  magazine  has  insisted  The  Devil  Wears  Prada  was  fiction  and  not  based  on  Vogue,  hmmmm.....

Well we will all soon be able to make up our own minds about that one! The September Issue officially premiered in New York last week, and attracted the créme de la créme from the fashion world such as model of the moment Chanel Iman, Sienna Miller, Oscar De La Renta & Marc Jacobs. 

The behind-the-scenes documentary on the magazine - gives us an eagerly anticipated peak into what really goes on behind those glossy design clad front doors. We can look forward to scenes such as, Anna grilling two editors on whether pink is the most appropriate message for September to the revelation that Grace Coddington is 'the last remaining fashion editor who dresses the models herself'. 
Filming in the Vogue offices for eight months, they managed to come away with over 300 hours of footage, you can look forward to seeing the likes of daughter Bee Shaffer, plus plenty of designers — Karl Lagerfeld, Thakoon Panichgul, Nicolas Ghesquiere — all making appearances, and there's even an especially timely moment where Wintour ponders the end of her career.......Watch this space!!!

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