Sunday, September 27, 2009

all the RAGE

What with Coco before Chanel, The September Issue and now Rage, going to the cinema is becoming quite a fashionable affair....

At the beginning of this month - RAGE  - premiered at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear.
The low-budget film — a offbeat murder mystery set in the contemporary New York fashion world — stars Jude Law as a cross-dressing model named Minx (looking surprisingly natural in drag!) & Dame Judi Dench as an acerbic fashion writer; Lily appropriately plays a young model named Lettuce Leaf, although her natural red hair which made her name has been replaced with a bleached blonde bob for the role which I think looks fab on her.

**Lily Cole in RAGE**

Eddie Izzard & Steve Buscemi are just a few of the big start names to appear in Rage which takes on a unique style of filming whereby monologues in front of the camera see each actor in isolation, shot close up against eye-popping flat color backgrounds. A unique screening took place last night where a live satellite broadcast the film to select cinemas across the UK. A live Q&A session followed for the world’s first multi-venue interactive premiere.

** The DVD will be released on September 22nd in the US and 28th in the UK. A special edition version of the DVD will be released through the official Rage website.

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