Friday, September 2, 2011

ONCE upon a time in a land Not too far far away, well the penthouse in The Morgan Hotel to be exact, The River Island Party Wear Showcase was taking place. Inside the wonderfully minimalist showroom were rails packed full fantastical party wear pieces created with the fabulous-factor in mind that every magpie in the land would have been envious of.

Here is a pick of some of my favourite items & accessories that caught my wondering fashion eye.
Prepare to be WOWed!!!

-- THE END --

(All images by Róisín Moloney)


  1. Hi,
    Amazing collection.. Really like it.. Thanks for sharing..


  2. Oh my God! I was really wowed by this stuff. This was one of the greatest blog that i have seen. I want the shoes and the dresses so badly it's very beautiful! I enjoy this post so much. Thanks for sharing this.