Monday, September 19, 2011

I haven't done a FFFFOUND! post in some time now so I feel it is very deserved of  place in today's lazy Monday evening slot. Instead of doing a session at the gym as twas planned, i have opted for a lazy Monday evening of browsing through my fave imagery website FFFFOUND! Honestly I could do this all day everyday, it is as addictive as well.... kissing is as good an example as any ;) Literally you click into one image & see another so click into that one then it just spirals totally out of control & the next thing you know it is 3 hours later.... woopsy! 
But it is a world of truly inspirational imagery that I would highly recommend visiting but only if you have the time because as I mentioned earlier you are guaranteed to spend waaaaay more time on it than planned - you have been Warned!!! 

Róisín. M xoxo

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  1. i enjoy the picture with to do things...are all great! :)