Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alexander McQueen ready to wear collection spring 2011 by Sarah Burton at Paris Fashion Week

Here is my pick of the best pieces in order of theme & catwalk sequence!!!

The collection in one word: Breathtaking 

{Inspiration: The Jellyfish}

{ Inspiration: The Pheasant}

{Inspiration: The Swan}

The most anticipated show of Paris Fashion Week was Alexander McQueen.
The first by the late designers protégée Sarah Burton whom certainly did not disappoint with an impressive collection featuring wheat sheaf dresses, feather gowns & finale music that left the audience very emotional.
Inevitably successor Sarah Burtons style was compared to the late designer McQueen, quoting, "Where his narratives were often dark, discomfiting things, she opted for a nurturing atmosphere: a pagan, Earth-Mother-ly spirit."
I still definitely saw McQueen's characteristics incorporated into the collection throughout which is not a surprise as Sarah worked beside McQueen for 15 years & clearly had a symbiotic connection to his very particular vision.

There was a monochromic theme to start & steadily took on the evolutionary theme by nature: with certain pieces comprising of nature inspired colours, patterns & detailing such as leaves of black leather & enveloping masses of feathers as seen in the 2nd last image above.

The last three pieces especially blew me away into fashion nirvana.... I immediately thought they were inspired from three different feathered & ocean friends within nature: A pheasant, A Jellyfish & A Swan but that's just me!!!


Róisín xoxo

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