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For the third instalment of Industry Insiders we spoke to Roisin Moloney from Universal Music. In this interesting Q&A session, Roisin speaks about how she got involved with one of the world’s leading major labels and she gives advice to anyone looking to work in the music business.

Roisin Moloney of Universal Music

How did you first get involved in the music industry?
Through a friend who is related to somebody very well known in the industry.
I had just returned to Ireland after living and working within the fashion industry in London for a year when my friend had heard that there was a job going in Universal Music Ireland. Being a lover of music she knew it would be right up my street so called me from Spain as soon as she heard about it.

Can you explain your role at Universal Music?
I have quite a broad role within Universal. I currently would look after all press requests such as biogs, press releases, press images and so on. I also take care of updating Universal’s social networking sites, helping with promotional campaigns (the most recent being Jedwards debut album ‘Planet Jedward’), distribution of competition stock to radio stations, setting up radio competitions, updating Airplay and Irish Music charts and lots, lots more!

What has been the best part of your career to date?
Getting the opportunity to see all the great artists and bands that I have seen in the past year and a half, such as Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam, Florence and The Machine, Mumford and Sons and so on, has definitely been the biggest highlight. Also I work with a great bunch of people here at Universal which is a bonus when you are spending so much of your time with them.

What has been the worst part of your career so far?
The recession!

Can you remember the first live gig you ever attended?
Ashamedly I have to admit it was ‘Coolio’, oh the shame.
I went with a big group of friends and me and one of my friends got pulled up on stage to dance with Coolio so needless to say we were thrilled at the time.

The last record I was really impressed with was…
I am a big fan of Arcade Fire’s new album and I love all the tracks on it but Rococo and We Used to Wait top the bill for me.

Your favourite band?
That is way too hard for me to answer. I love every genre of music but I suppose my favourite would be indie rock.
Gomez would definitely be in the Top 5, I was hooked ever since hearing there debut album ‘Bring it on’ in 1998.
If I was to go by what is most played on my i-Pod at the moment then it would be Gomez (of course), Arcade Fire, Pixies, Pearl Jam, Vampire Weekend. As for pop/folk Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons would fit that category and for chilling out Bob Marley is No. 1. At the moment there are so many talented local Irish acts breaking through such as The Shoos, Delorentos and Fight Like Apes.

Your favourite venue?
I love any small venue that has that intimate vibe about it. I have always loved ‘The Olympia‘ as a venue because it has that old-fashioned, nostalgic charm about it and no matter where you are you always have a perfect view of the stage.
I used to hate the old Point Depot (or as Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam called it at their recent gig here ‘A Barn’) but with it’s recent restoration to the O2 I now think it is a fantastic venue to go and watch a concert.

Do you have any useful advice for anyone looking to get working in the music business?
Do your homework.
There is so much more to learn about the music industry apart from all the glitz and glam that most people would see.
As there are so many components that make up the music industry my main advice would be to decide exactly which area you would like to work in (Record label, promotion, event management, PR, recording studio and so on) then do your research into the companies that specialise in that area and then send your CV through to them. Internships are the norm when entering this type of industry and prove to be immensely beneficial and enlightening. The ‘Hot Press Yearbook’ is your bible. Here you can find out all the names and contact details for everyone in the Irish Music Industry.

What are your plans for the future?
To specialise and work for one of Universal Music’s record labels like Mercury or Island Records possibly in London, New York or Sydney.

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