Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leopard Print

I have never been a fan of leopard print.... ever! 
I just never felt the 'connection' with it I suppose you could say. Now on the other hand my sister was the polar opposite, as she had everything from dresses to shoes to bags in the print. Maybe she had an ulterior motive where she knew I would be less likely to thieve her clothes if a majority of them were in leopard print!!! :)  
But...... it's official....we're seeing spots all over the runways & this time it has really caught my attention.
I don't know if it is because of how elegantly it is styled in editorial shoots or the charisma that the Balmain & co. runway models has brought or the cool factor that so many people papped in street style blogs brings but either way, I am now officially in love with it, especially the long faux fur coat (which you will se plenty of examples in a selection of street style pics below), it gives you that cool grubby-glam look for day or evening.
So get out your animal instincts this fall and opt for leopard, well, everything. Even better, forget the wait and start now with lighter hues like grays and pastels. I am already sporting a long LP cardigan which I'm sure you will get to see in an upcoming style post soon.
So I say embrace the trend but remember one very imprtant tip.... don't go for the fashion over-kill of head to toe leopard print á la Bet Lynch from Coronation Street. Just stick to one (if you are bold/brave enough two) statement pieces & keep the hair and make-up simple and to a minimal.
Either way, you'll spot this obsession in the form of body-con dresses, long coats, layered tops and the occassional handbag or clutch - and I can't wait.


My Top Pick

The Long Coat



Best Of: Leopard Print Street Style

Olivia Palermo works  the leopard print look to perfection

Images courtesy of The Sartorialist, The Skinny, Jak & Jil, FashionToast


  1. have to say I've always been a fan, but it has to be teamed with something uber casual..I wear my leopard print scarf to death but I have a vintage cardigan from LA that's LP and I'm much more cautious about it, used to wear it with black skinny jeans and converse all the time but need a new look for it..great pics and sure you can pull off any look Roisin!

  2. Oooh vintage LP cardi, black skinnies & converse... sounds fab though Niamh, no need for a new look ;)
    I have a question to ask ya so you have an email en route via FaceBook xx

  3. woop woop to the ANIMAL PRINT :o)