Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I spotted these when walking through BT 2 in Dublin the other day & they are even more magnificent in real life!!! 
They would be perfect for my winter wardrobe to wear with dresses & skinny trousers.
Come winter they shall be mine ;)

Róisín xoxo


  1. oh Roisin I spotted these too, they are fab, I'm in danger of spending all my wages on boots and no clothes..give us your opinion on the topshop clog boot on my page if you can!

  2. I can see you now strutting around Dublin in nothing other than a slick cream Mac coat & an awesome pair of boots.... hehee

    I had a look at the clog boot on your blog & looking @ them from d pic they wouldn't be my style but they probably are nicer on & sure if u love em that's all that matters & go crazeeee on pay day :)
    But if you have a change of heart I think d KG's would be amazing on ya & as well I think d clogs would go out of fashion quicker, would you agree?!!?

  3. yeah you are almost right, I have more jackets/coats then actual clothes I think!I kind of agree about the clogs, that's why I haven't bought into the clog thing yet, mostly though cos i think they are ridiculous to walk in, but am now considering these cos they are so comfortable, will let you know if I get them!!Oh i tweeted your blog address for you..xx

  4. Hey hun I just saw this now, thank you So much for tweeting about RockinFashion you're so good xx
    hope you had a good night last night, is always so nice to catch up with your fabulous self ;)