Sunday, July 18, 2010

I chose the ring from a website called LuShae Jewelry where you can find a wide variety of similar art inspired jewellery. I received this gorgeous 'Dark Pink Cable Ring' a while back and have been meaning to do a specific post about the ring and it's designer ever since. 
As it was quite hard for me to capture the beautiful designer qualities in a photograph, instead of taking the habitual ring on finger photo,  I decided to show this gorgeous ring off within a slightly more majestic setting, so hopefully it worked to a sterling effect!!!

Click here to view more from LuShae Jewelry.


When I was looking through some of the catwalk shows from last season I noticed a couple of the outfits reminded me of some of the rings that I had seen on LuShae's website - view the comparisons below. 
It is great to see the similarities between the two as it excites me to know that jewellery designers can also look to the catwalks for inspiration for their collections & vice versa. 
If you are one of the lucky ones to purchase any of the designer outfits below, you have now found the perfect accessory to compliment your look ;) xoxo

Images courtesy of LuShae Jewelry &

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