Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let The Blog Off Begin

I 'Róisín Moloney' do solemnly swear to share with you from here on out, my 'Top Fave Blog of the Week' every Wednesday to cater for both girl's & guy's!!! 
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, I'm sure you would have noticed the many Fashion Blogs popping up from every fashionable nook & cranny throughout the globe. 
Fashion blogging is taking over the fashion world quite literally, with Laura Feinstein reporting foPSFK recently describing style blogs as having the following effect on the selling of fashion items in this digital age: "While actual fiscal proof of the items’ popularity isn’t available, its ubiquity on some of the highest viewed style blogs on the web will surely act as better advertisements to a younger and chic-centric audience than a traditional billboard in Times Square or full page add in Vogue." 
This is a major statement to make, showing just how big the style blog world has become. 
So rather than you having to thrawl through gazillions of style blogs; now every Wednesday my aim will be guide you swiftly to the coolest of cool & most inspirational style bloggers on this planet....


For The Girls: Natalie Off Duty

This is one talented chick!!!!
She is a model from LA with a wicked sense of style whom is also blessed to be a model, stylist, singer & guitar player - all of which you will experience from this one blog alone. She states that her style consists of a "good collection of great vintage pieces that she finds in her hometown of Los Angeles that she mixes with designer finds."
Here are a few examples of her stellar style, & I've also included a sample of her exceptional singing/guitar skills.

And this is one cool kid!!!
I love this Italian, 20 something year olds style. From his mini afro right down to his fondness for stripy scarfs & skinny jeans. This is precisely how I would love all men to dress, Mmmmm!!!

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