Monday, March 8, 2010

If you take anything from The Sunday Times 2nd edition of 'The Big Fashion Issue', it's this:

*** Trends Are DEAD, Individual Style RULES***

For those of you whom live anywhere but the UK or Ireland, here's a mini peek inside this seasons Spring Bumper  Fashion Issue. 
From the wild, free-spirited cover star, that is none other than Abbey Lee Kershaw. This issue also features the magnificent Jean-Paul Gaultier who shows the power of having a definitive style of your own, leading nicely to Alexa Chung, whose kooky tomboy chic is the breakout look for ladies up & down the land.

Editorial #1: Up Close & Personal with Abbey Lee Kershaw

Editorial #2: Planet Fashion

Beauty Special: Back To Basics 

Images courtesy of Moi!!!

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