Sunday, February 21, 2010

From London To Pariiiiis

Last season when I was at London Fashion Week I stumbled upon a postcard about, what I thought, was just a regular charity cycle. 
But when I read on the part that really caught my attention was the fact that it was a 'Fashion Charity Cycle', now that I liked the sound of. 
Naturally I was eager to learn more so I read on & this is what I found.....

Basically it is a charity cycle with a difference searching for fashion savvy, adventure seeking, bicycle loving participants. You would be cycling from one iconic style capital to another - London to Paris!!! The ride will raise funds for EJF (Environmental Justice Foundation) helping to promote a fairer future for the fashion industry. 
So inevitably I am seriously considering going along for this fashionably fashionable ride & what makes it even better is that I would be making a difference while I'm at it. Plus it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!!!
Any of you other fashionistas out there wanna join me???
Now for what to wear & which bike to choose, hmmmm.... 3 words: customise, customise, customise 

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