Tuesday, February 23, 2010


God this really is a busy couple of weeks where award ceremonies are concerned.
Music, Film, Fashion you name it..... 
But one thing is for sure, London is most definitely the place to be this week. With all the stars descending in town for London Fashion Week and the BAFTAs, they also had to add yet another event to their fashion-filled calenders with the ELLE style awards happening as I type. 
One thing they all have in common though, is the array of stars sashaying down the red carpet!!!
And this is where the fun part comes in.... Depicting & deciphering, down to the very last (YSL ring) detail, exactly who has stolen the show on the night & who has just frankly played the safe card.
Here are a pick of the good, the not so good & the downright bizarre!

The Good

The Not So Good

And The Bizarre

The Classics

And The Boys


  1. the olsens rock with the black and white gown combo

  2. I have to agree with metoo, re the Olsens, Ashley's white Christian Lacroix was the only outfit that made me swoon on the night.
    I did also like Daisy's MiuMiu outfit though; it was so different and totally her style.
    Alexa's dress was beautiful (Chanel so natch!) but she looks grossly thin... urgh!
    Anyone else in McQueen would have seemed a little tasteless but Naomi pulls it off with the right amount of class.

  3. I agree, the ladies did play it boringly safe on the night unfortunately, which was a bit of a surprise & disappointing seen as it was an awards ceremony acknowledging 'Style' but of course the Olsens & Alexa nailed it.
    I quite liked how some of the guy's turned out on the evening. I'm noticing a 'Gentleman's Outfit in Dandy Style' filtering through & I love it. Makes a change to the usual black suit!!!

  4. It's a yes, absolutely for the chaps! You really can't beat a three piece suit. It's a shame that it's so hard to find a man in a pair of slacks in Ireland, well one that isn't under 75 anyway!!