Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Kate Moss ' Longchamp Designs

Kate Moss talks exclusively about her new collaboration, designing a multi-season handbag collection with Longchampin February's 2010 issue of Vogue Paris.
We all know Carine Roitfeld alway gets her way!!!
“The emerald green pochette, whose color I love, I wanted to be very simple, based on the shape of an envelope,” said Kate. “I would wear it with all black or all navy. Because I love to wear dove gray, I wanted a bag in that color to go with my gray jeans. The zebra was inspired by an old pony-printed valise from the ’70s that my boyfriend [Jamie Hince] brought back from San Francisco, very dry, very trashed, without any glamour, and which I loved. As for the bags in cognac leather, it’s a color and a very supple leather that we found in equestrian accessories stores, and we unfortunately can no longer find.”
The line hits stores February 11th.....

Images courtesy of fashionologie

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