Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Blau von T from Blaubushka and The Hostess Handbook here. Blaubushka; an edgy scrapblog of fashion, style and beauty. The Hostess Handbook; a parlour of delicate beauty, a lounge of wit and the obscure, a kitchen of the kitsch and all things tempting.

Enter into the world of the wanton and the floral; a haven for ditsy prints, acid petals, digital darlings. These are a bunch of ladies of polished prettiness and easy charm. Theirs is a look of seductive understatement giving a ladylike silhouette and a vision of unguarded perfection as layers of floral fabric adorn their porcelain bodies. They favour vintage-inspired dresses and offset them with satchels, ankle boots, cable knit socks.....and the boy next door.

Blau x

(Images via We Heart It, Warehouse)

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