Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Even though we are now well and truly into the Spring and obviously the summer is just about within reach, everyone is finally starting to pack away their dark & dreary winter clothes for another year & opting for the refreshingly bright floral, neon & block colouring trends of Spring/ Summer 2011.

I have to say I will still always be a firm believer & lover of All things black come Autumn/Winter/Spring or Summer. It is a colour that you can never go wrong with and is effortless, elegant & just plain and simply classic. Think the style of designers Acne/ Helmut Land & Alexander Wang that never opt too far from the monochromic colour palette.

Also the colour BLACK has so may added benefits to consider as well, such as:

- It is the colour that symbolises authority & power
-  It instantly makes you appear thinner
-  It is & always will be considered stylish & timeless

Now who can argue with that. Here are some images de 'inspiration' ;)

Róisín xoxo

 Images courtesy of Stockholm Street Style


  1. i miss your posts!!
    hope everything is okay!

  2. Awwww why thank you 'anon' :)
    Apologies for severe lack of posts, Life had gotten in the way :-/ but you have given me the lil kick up the *ss I needed to start up again so my new post is dedicated to you ;) xx