Thursday, April 15, 2010

Part II

In March just gone I had posted the images from Alexander McQueens last ever collection which was revealed to only a select group of editors in an ornate Parisian salon. 
The collection was Amazing & wait until you see these.....
Here are the close-up images of his shoe & handbag collection for Fall 2010 & they are just breathtakingly beautiful!!!
The details - especially in the shoes - are monumental. 
I just had to share these images with you, from the wing-embroidered & gold spike/jewel embellished platform sandals to his 'signature' skull dark brown leather bag - they are literally a work of art. 
I can only imagine the waiting list!!!!


  1. I know..... the wing-embroidered platform sandals & the black n gold buckle boots with gold leaf details on the platform are my faves!!!
    Actually I can't decide, I just love em all ;)
    He was a true Genius xx